Monday, June 7, 2010

Brady's New Favorite Pastime

When we visited Myrtle Beach, we decided to play mini-golf Mother's Day morning because it was a little too chilly for the pool/beach. The kids loved it. We did Treasure Island. Brady was a natural...I think he had a couple of hole in one's. Ashlyn did great too, she had a few true hole in two's. Well after we were done, of course they wanted to play again, so we played that night at Broadway at the Beach...The Dragon's Lair. Just a little scary when the fire blew out the top of the castle and the dragon popped out. I think Ashlyn said she had a nightmare about it that night. Oh but the fun didn't stop there...we had to play one last time before we left Myrtle Beach the next day. That time we did The Animal Jungle. I think if it was up to the kids, we would have hit every mini-golf course there.

By the way...Tommy beat me everytime. Not happy about it either.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Pool and the Beach at the Embassy Suites

Sand Castle Island

Sipping a yummy Icee poolside

Movie Star

Enjoying the sun with my "little one"

Having a ball with our new beach/pool toys. Love Costco.

"I Love to Dance!"

Quick break in between songs

Broadway at the Beach

The only Zhu Zhu Pet Store in the world. Ashlyn was beside herself. If you don't know what a zhu zhu pet is, it's a toy pet hamster that moves around with batteries. There are 32 different ones, I think, and Ashlyn knows all their names. She is determined to get them all. As of right now, I think she has 15. She also has most of all the house accessories. She loves to play with them all over our house. She also draws towns on the driveway and plays with them outside. To top it off, she has the Zhu Zhu pet Nintendo DS game.

Their favorite ride at Broadway at the Beach.

Training to be like Grandpa and Uncle Bryan.

"All Aboard!"


"Choo! Choo!"
Ashlyn got to ride the Caterpillar for the first time. Tommy and I waited for her to be big enough to ride by herself since neither of us could stomach all that spinning. She loved it. Although, she was flying around the seat because she didn't have anyone sitting with her.

Mother's Day at the Beach

Dinner at the Japanese Restaurant (can't remember the name)

Getting ready to do some serious eating. Ashlyn and Brady both love the shrimp and the soup.

Me and my "little one"

Friday, April 30, 2010

The New and Improved Cartwheel

Brady's Soccer Clinic

Brady has been waiting and waiting to be able to play soccer like his Sissy. Finally he is old enough to do the soccer clinic at the Y. We go on Saturday mornings, when Ashlyn has her game too. Brady is learning how to dibble, trap, and shoot at the goal. We even bought our own soccer goal for our backyard for both of them to practice on. Brady has such a strong kick already. He is such a natural athlete. Wait until he is old enough to play T-Ball and basketball, Tommy and I will be driving the both of them around everyday to some type of sports practice.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Special Day in Kindergarten at Antioch

All About Artic Hares, by Ashlyn Sullivan

Ellie, Dela, Ashlyn, and Fatema.

Today Brady and I went into Ashlyn's school to listen to the stories her and her classmates wrote about animals. Each child checked out a book from the library about an animal. Ashlyn chose Artic Hares. They had to write a small book report making sure they included certain things about their animal. It really was amazing to see what kindergartners can do. Ashlyn is really excelling in school. I am so proud of her.